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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What is MarketGrader.com?

MarketGrader is a Quantitative expert system that analyses 5,800 publicly traded companies in the United States and Canada, issuing a BUY, HOLD or SELL for each stock. The system does not use analyst forecasts, price targets, human opinions or forward looking information to arrive at is recommendations. Our company is an independent research provider, used by some of the world's leading investment housed, who provide our research to their own clients.

Why MarketGrader.com?

MarketGrader pulls together, in one place, all the information you need about a stock more quickly, more easily and more affordabley than any other service. It allows investors to quickly spot the strenghts and weaknesses of any company based on time-tested fundamentals. MarketGrader ensures the stock selection process is responsible and thorough.

What information does MarketGrader.com provide?

MarketGrader delivers a comprehensive A to Z fundamental analysis of any U.S. public company in easy to understand grades and recommendations. Our system explains in simple terms a company's financial performance, based on quarterly and annual income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and financial ratios. All grades are updated nightly.

Why is MarketGrader.com better?

Our flagship portfolio, The MarketGrader Index, has beaten the major indexes (Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 & Wilshire 5000) eight years in a row, with an annualized return of 30% between 1998 and 2004. It has proven to preserve capital during down markets and to outperform during bull markets. We call it a "merit-based" index, since it selects the top forty companies in the system every quarter within the framework of a properly diversified portfolio. Its results are plublished daily.

Should I focus on the forty stocks of the MarketGrader Index only?

Not necessarily. While the Index has delivered consistent results for eight years, these forty stocks are only a very small fraction of all the companies MarketGrader covers. You will find hundreds of investment ideas in our Honor Rolls, our Idea Generators and Industry Rankings. You will also discover investment candidates in the best performing industires of the moment using our industry analysis. Or find tomorrow's leaders using our MarketShare analysis.

What are the Honor Rolls?

The Honor Rolls are seven lists of forty stocks each, published by MarketGrader every week, based on seven different investment perspectives. These include Growth, Value, Large Caps, Small Caps, Top Down (highest graded stocks from best performing industries), Income (highest graded dividend paying companies) and Overall (best stocks in the system).

What are the Idea Generators?

If you're not sure what you're looking for, MarketGrader's Idea Generators give you a jump start by offering you a fresh perspective you might have not thought about on your own. Find the best companies with the largest piles of cash (Cash Kings); or find hidden value in overlooked companies (Value Gems); or identify those companies that are quickly climbing in the ranks (Biggest Grade Climbers). How about short ideas? You may find some suitable candidates among our Overpriced Dogs or our New Downgrades.

Does MarketGrader.com have screening capabilities?

Our Advanced search lets you maximize the power of the MarketGrader.com engine be letting you apply your own criteria on top of our robust fundamental analysis. Looking for highly graded companies with a dividend yield above 6% and a low PE? No problem. What about the best large caps in the Software industry? Or the Internet stocks with the most cash and highest profitability grades? With MarketGrader.com you can drill down as far as you want while maintaining your own, independent approach.

Can I track my portfolio with MarketGrader.com?

Yes. MarketGrader.com allows you to track up to five portfolios in real time, including your profit and loss for each of your holdings as well as your overall portfolio. Our portfolios also let you track the fundamental conditions of each stock so you can be alerted in case these deteriorate and need to make any changes.

Does MarketGrader.com cover any foreign companies?

MarketGrader.com covers over 400 international companies listed in the U.S. as ADR's (American Depositary Receipts). You'll be able to grade companies such as Toyota, Allianz, Deustche Telekom, Cementos de Mexico, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Sony and many other household names.

Does MarketGrader.com provide any technical aids for day traders?

OUr Day-Trader platform ignores all fundamental grades and concentrates on intraday volume and price abnormalities to make your calls. It issues Buy, Strong Buy, Sell and Strong Sell signals throughout the day based on changing market conditions to keep you abreast of technical fluctuations. DayTrader allows you to track up to 150 stocks simultaneously in real time.

How about economic and market data?

Our "Markets" section gives you a complete overview of the market, including the day's gainers and losers as well as the industries that are moving the market. Track CPI, PPI, GDP, the unemployment rate, the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve, interest rates, currencies, oil and gold. Our Earnings Calendar informs you of all the stocks that are reporting earnings every day, every week.