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Follow the Economy's Pulse: corporate earnings

As some would say, earnings are the "mother's milk" of stocks. It is what makes them tick and the most widely followed - and therefore most influential - numbers for investors. As such, you need a reliable and comprehensive tool to track every earnings season. MarketGrader.com has it.

How often do you see in the financial news reports about earnings season? Have you asked yourself when exactly does this season start and end? What about the reports on the S&P 500 index earnings in a given season compared to the year before? While much is reported about earnings season, it is little defined and not often explained. MarketGrader.com has taken the guesswork out of earnings season and has built a series of report cards to help you track it as it unfolds as well as when it starts and ends, and more importantly, profit from it.

Our system doesn’t simply track when companies report and what the headline numbers are; we regularly track all companies’ fundamentals as they report in order to find those whose business is improving or deteriorating from one reporting period to the next. We also aggregate all company reports and track statistically the overall corporate earnings season in order to identify and inform you of underlying fundamental and economic trends.

S&P 500 Earnings Season

When it comes to earnings season the most widely followed benchmark is the S&P 500. Analysts track both the estimates and reported numbers of all of the index’s components, aggregate them and use them as a proxy for corporate earnings in the U.S. MarketGrader.com takes this process a step further and follows each earnings season on a macro and micro level, tracking the overall numbers for the index itself as well as at the sector and individual company levels. Before every season starts MarketGrader.com tracks the consensus estimates for all S&P 500 members and aggregates them on a per share basis, using the same market cap weighted methodology used to calculate the index itself. This part of our report will help you anticipate what is expected of corporate earnings ahead of each earnings season. As the season unfolds individual company reports substitute their earnings estimates and MarketGrader.com updates the overall report card accordingly. We also break down the earnings per share by sector, allowing you to see how all sectors are reporting as the season unfolds and comparing them to year-earlier results. Our report cards keep track of the number of companies beating, meeting or missing their estimates as well as the biggest surprises and those whose report had the biggest impact on the price of the stock, whether positive or negative. We do this for all companies under coverage, for the S&P 500 and on a sector basis. Most importantly, as the earnings season unfolds, we alert you about all companies being upgraded or downgraded by MarketGrader.com following their report.


Earnings Calendar

Our Earnings Calendar helps you keep track of all company reports, both inside and outside of earnings season (many companies covered by MarketGrader.com report earnings outside of the narrowly defined S&P 500 earnings season, which kicks off with Alcoa’s report and usually lasts about five and a half weeks). It shows you all companies that reported earnings the day before as well as all companies scheduled to report that same day, week and month. The Earnings Calendar also allows you to view all positive and negative surprises reported in the last day, week and month and sort them by date, sector, rating, or magnitude of earnings surprise. Throughout our Earnings Season Report Cards you may click on any of the stocks on the screen and jump straight to the Earnings & Dividends page for complete information on past and current earnings reports.


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