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Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Seconds

Our Fundamental Quadrant,TM one of our four fundamental analysis views, presents everyone of our company analyses in a unique format designed to give you a bird's eye view of a company's fundamental analysis. It will also show you in just a few seconds areas of strengths and weaknesses so you may drill down into any of the sections where you want to spend more time doing further research.

Providing you a bird's eye view of a company fundamentals in seconds, instantly helping you identify areas of strenght and weakness.

Fundamental QuadrantTM

Each quadrant on the chart represents one of our four fundamental grade categories—Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow—and is sub-divided into six "slices," each representing one of our indicators. Each slice is filled in black to the indicator's grade level, with A+ being the outermost, or highest, level in the chart. Therefore an indicator with a grade of A+ will have its "slice" colored dark blue all the way to the outer edge of the of the chart, such that a company with mostly A's will have a Fundamental QuadrantTM that looks mostly blue. Conversely an indicator graded F won't be colored at all and a company having mostly C's, D's and F's will have a mostly blank (or gray) quadrant.

Expanded Category

This unique "filling" or "coloring" pattern gives you a unique perspective on the financial health of any company, quickly bringing to your attention areas of strength or weakness worth examining more closely. Our Fundamental QuadrantTM page view within our web site's StockGrader section lets you do just that. On it you may click on any of the four quadrants, reconfiguring the page to show you the underlying financials and criteria used in grading that particular category as well as a narrative description of it. After using the Fundamental QuadrantTM to grade a handful of stocks it will become an indispensable part of your research process and a starting point to discovering all that MarketGrader.com offers in every single company's analysis.

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