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Customize Your MarketGrader Display

At MarketGrader.com we believe presentation is as important as content. Of course, a great presentation or flashy design will be of little help if the quality of the content it depicts is poor, stale or unreliable (in the case of online paid content providers like us.) We have therefore designed and laid out our web site in a way that we hope is most helpful to you, the investor, having incorporated much feedback from our clients into its development. Our user interface attempts to make our research easy to use and understand, timely and actionable—without diminishing the depth of the analysis. However, we also understand that no two investors are alike and that investor preferences vary by wide degrees. For example, while there may be some investors for whom dividends are the most important data item to track in a company’s financials, others may prefer to focus primarily on earnings per share or earnings surprises or the company’s debt or even on company news. Some may prefer to see company data presented through charts while others may prefer tables and many may want both.

In order to address the unique preferences of our clients we have created My StockGrader, a customizable portal that allows you to set up a unique view of all company-specific MarketGrader.com content based on your preferences and store it in one place. When you go to My StockGrader for the first time you will land on a default My StockGrader page, which includes a few items from different parts of our website that we have selected to get all our new clients started. However you can set up your configuration any way you want by going to the 'configure' panel, where you may start selecting your 'portlets' (data items) and arranging them in your preferred layout. At any time you’re logged into My StockGrader you may toggle between the 'main' and 'configure' views to rearrange your portal as you wish. All changes you make to it are automatically stored by our system so that next time you use My StockGrader it will appear exactly as you left it.

In the configuration view you’ll find our StockGrader content categorized into three groups: Grades, Financials, and General. Each of these describes the type of content you’ll find under each category.

Grade Category

In the Grade category you’ll find a series of portlets associated with our fundamental analysis grades and our Top Down indicators. These include a small version of our Fundamental QuadrantTM, our fundamental grade boxes and indicators, and our Top Down Analysis indicator box. In this category you’ll also find all ranking lists that may be associated with a given stock, including its Industry ranking, its industry group ranking, its sector ranking and the Industry Analysis ranking table. From the list of portlets you may choose to preview any of them or you may add them directly to your portal by clicking on the 'add' icon next to each one. This applies to the other categories as well.


Financials Category

In the Financials category you’ll find all the portlets associated with the company’s financial data, which you would normally find in our Financials and Earnings & Dividends pages. All our company financial content has been broken down into individual portable modules (portlets) that can be displayed easily within the portal’s grid. In this category you’ll find all portlets that display information on the company’s revenue, net income, cash flow, balance sheet, valuation, profitability, financial strength, margins, earnings, shares, dilution and dividends.


General Category

In the General category you’ll find all data portlets with general information about the company or stock including its profile, news, quotes, performance and key facts.


As you add portlets to your portal in the configuration menu, you’ll notice that they will show up on the screen in the order in which you selected them. However, once selected, you may drag and drop them anywhere within your portal screen and arrange them based on your preference. All additions, deletions, and placement changes are automatically changed in your profile. Once your portal is set up and you return to the main view you may enter any stock in the site’s search box and the entire portal will refresh showing the selected company’s data according to your selected preferences. All data in My StockGrader is updated at the same time as it is in the rest of the site.

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