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Don't Know Where to Start? We Can Help

MarketGrader.com will help you find the best and strongest companies across sectors, market capitalizations, styles and across our unique categories. MarketGrader.com has ideas for investors and traders, bulls and bears, among growth and value stocks, large and small.

Breadth of Coverage

Given the amount of data MarketGrader.com crunches on a daily basis and the breadth of our coverage (6,000 North American stocks,) it is natural that we have a unique perspective on the U.S. and Canadian stock markets. Also, since our rating system takes into account important differences across industries in our individual company analyses and generates a standardized overall grade for all stocks, we’re able to compare very different companies across all sectors and help you find the best based on different perspectives or by using specific selection criteria. We have therefore built a series of lists, updated daily, to help you find the stocks that fit your own investment criteria. And even though each list uses specific filters in order to find the best companies in each category or group as you’ll read below, all lists have one common denominator: our overall fundamental grade. MarketGrader.com will help you find the best and strongest companies across sectors, market capitalizations, styles and across our own unique categories (and in some cases it will help you avoid some of the worst.)

Honor Rolls

Our eight Honor Rolls are simply the best of the best. Each one of these lists is comprised of the top 40 companies in each category including large, mid and small caps, growth and value, top down, income and overall.

  • Our market cap Honor Rolls will show you every day the top 40 large, mid and small cap stocks; pretty straightforward.
  • Our Top Down Honor Roll shows you the 40 highest graded companies within the ten best performing sub-industries in the last thirty days. Ideal for momentum-oriented investors, our Top Down Honor Roll shows you the best companies across today’s hottest industries.
  • Our Income Honor Roll is ideal for income-seeking investors. It shows you the 40 highest graded dividend-paying companies that have paid a dividend uninterrupted and without cuts for at least three years running. These companies’ payout ratio must also be at a sustainable level, which we track in order to avoid companies with very high but unsustainable yields. They all have dividend yields above 4% and are highly rated from our fundamental perspective.
  • Our Overall Honor Roll simply shows you the top 40 companies in MarketGrader.com every day regardless of size or any other criteria. They are simply the 40 highest graded stocks.
  • Our Growth and Value Honor Rolls will show you the top 40 companies in each investment style based on our fundamental rating. It works like this: one of MarketGrader.com’s most unique features is our 'style' rating. It allows you, for any of the companies we cover, to view the overall fundamental grade and rating either from the growth or value perspectives, as alternatives to our 'balanced' rating. As explained in our methodology page, our fundamental analysis grades all companies across a series of Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow indicators. In our analysis all four groups carry significant weight, although not equally. Our Style indicator allows you to increase the weight to either the Growth or Value categories, while maintaining a significant weight for both the Profitability and Cash Flow categories, thus allowing you to emphasize the attribute most important to you in your investment process. As such, you may see a company with significantly different grades for both styles, while our regular overall grade always presents a balanced view of the company’s fundamentals. Our Growth and Value Honor Rolls therefore show you the top 40 stocks based on each Style grade, across our entire coverage universe.

Idea Generators

Our Idea Generators truly cast a spotlight on unique corners of the stock market and offer you unique insight into special areas of opportunity. Many of them use specific fundamental criteria in order to identify particular types of companies such as Cash Kings, Value Gems and Stellar Balance Sheets. Others, such as our Biggest Grade Climbers and Biggest Grade Drops identify the companies experiencing significant improvement or deterioration to their financials, helping you find them ahead of the crowd. For international perspective our ADR Grades and Canadian Stocks lists give you a daily ranking of all foreign companies followed by MarketGrader.com that trade in North American markets. The following is our list of Idea Generators.


Advanced Search

While our Honor Rolls and Idea Generators will provide you with plenty of stock ideas and investment opportunities, our Advanced Search will let you build your own set of idea generators based on your own criteria and search parameters. Our Advanced Search engine offers you five categories of filters to choose from: MarketGrader.com Grades, Top Down Ratings, Fundamentals, Market Filters and Sectors & Industries. You may choose from more than 50 filters to refine your search to your liking.