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Be Prepared, Stay Informed

Every time you log into MarketGrader.com you will land on your own Stock Alerts, or Summary page, which will prepare you for the trading day ahead and keep you abreast of developments with all the stocks in your Portfolios and Watchlists. MarketGrader.com enables you to follow up to 100 stocks in each Portfolio and each Watchlist (Premium accounts have five Watchlists and five Portfolios and Standard accounts have access to one of each), for a total of up to 1,000 stocks. With so many companies to follow, having a timely alert system is critical to tracking the stocks you own and those youíre following.

Portfolio and Watchlists Events

The top section of our Summary page lists all current alerts for your Portfolios and Watchlists and the bottom section provides you with general information about all of MarketGrader.comís coverage. In the Portfolios and Watchlists sections, the first set of alerts show you all the companies in your lists that have been upgraded or downgraded by MarketGrader.com in the last two weeks, starting with the most recent ones. The second set of alerts show you all of your listsí earnings reports from the last two weeks, also prioritizing the most recent ones. Here, at a glance, you may track how the companies you own or follow have been reporting. Our past earnings alerts include the earnings per share reported value as well as what the company reported the year before. Next to the past earnings reports alerts you will find the future earnings alerts, showing you all the companies in your Portfolios and Watchlists reporting earnings in the next two weeks, sorted from closest to furthest away. Every alert includes the companyís consensus estimate unless the company doesnít have one. Finally, the last set of alerts on this page shows you all the latest breaking news on all the companies in your lists, also sorted from latest to oldest. Our news alert windows allow you to scroll through multiple pages of headlines without leaving the Summary page.


Track Our Entire Coverage Universe

The bottom section of our Summary page covers all of MarketGrader.com and shows you all our latest upgrades and downgrades within our entire coverage universe. We have also included a current grade and rating breakdown of all stocks as well as a list of the ongoing most popular requests among all MarketGrader.com clients.