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Get an objective, unbiased perspective on over 40,000 stocks across the world’s markets.

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See daily overall grades based on independent, fundamental research and clear Buy, Hold, or Sell ratings on companies in over 93 countries.

A Rigorous, Proven Methodology that Works

Our company ratings are based on 24 fundamental indicators. Not just to “have more,” but because our focus is on getting to the essence of a company’s business in order to help you find those whose market value can increase significantly for underlying fundamental reasons.

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Thorough and unbiased grading allows you to compare companies from all over the world in real time regardless of sector and currency.

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Our objective analysis is sometimes contrarian and independent of daily market ups and downs for clear-headed decision making.

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Static research is a thing of the past. We leverage big-data technology to update company ratings daily, giving you timely, actionable insights.

Get Quick In-Depth Answers with a Friendly User Interface

Our interactive equity research platform makes comparing, discovering, and keeping track of companies clear and intuitive. Plus, downloadable PDF reports make insights sharing easy.

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(GARP) Approach

We look at fundamental indicators in four categories—Growth, Value, Profitability, and Cash Flow—through our GARP lens to identify companies poised to create significant shareholder value in the long run. These companies, which we call ‘Growth Compounders,’ will help you achieve higher returns.

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Grading System

We standardize our fundamental analysis across companies in different sectors, industries, regions and of different sizes with our grading system from A+ to F and overall score between zero and 100. So instead of expecting you to assimilate, interpret, and act on the data, we make it easy for you to make a nuanced, informed decision.

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Companies are ranked geographically and by size, sector, and industry based on their grades. Compare a stock to its peers globally, by region, or by country to get a clear and objective look at what’s the smarter investment.

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Our global scope and rigorous analysis allows us to glean and share insights on a wide range of investing ideas including finding the world’s best compounders of growth, the best stocks on sale or the best income stocks. Our often contrarian ratings allow you to avoid stocks priced to perfection and to find the hidden gems among the market’s unloved stocks.

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Build Long-Term Shareholder Value

Our indexes are differentiated. This means that when you follow a MarketGrader Index you’re not simply buying the largest companies in highly concentrated indexes, but something truly unique: the best companies in a given country, region, sector, and from around the world.


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