ETF Grader – A Jewel inside

Many a tourist has returned from Russia with a Matryoshka doll as a souvenir. The numerous dolls waiting to be discovered inside can be as beautiful and more intricate than the first. For an investor, once inside, the discovery of ETF Grader can be a similar experience.
ETF Grader, a separate analytic component inside of, employs a process similar to the rigorous analysis used in MarketGrader to understand the underlying quality of the stocks that make up these popular investment vehicles.
By tracking, analyzing and grading the stocks that make up each ETF that MarketGrader covers, ETF Grader gives investors a unique insight into the quality of each portfolio based on a thorough bottom-up approach (fundamental) combined with a dynamic top-down analysis (sentiment). Too often, investors have no way of knowing just how good (or bad) the stocks are that make up an ETF. ETF Grader analyzes 376 ETFs and demystifies the holdings. Want to know how many stocks are in your ETF? Looking for growth or value ETFs, small cap or large cap, sector or specialty ETFs such as socially conscious or exposure to emerging markets? Or ETFs that are dividend driven? Then, click on All, Broad, Size, Style, Sector/Industry, Dividend, Specialty to get the answers. Each ETF is analyzed stock by stock to give an investor a detailed portrait of what they are buying. ETFs are also compared to their peers in terms of quality of assets, performance, and style.
And best of all, ETFGrader is free. It won’t always be but, for the moment, it’s our way of showing the value of what we offer.

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