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Our goal is to help you achieve superior long-term returns by owning the world’s best companies. And we’ve created a global platform covering over 100 markets to help you find them.

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We Crunch the Numbers to Simplify Your Investment Decisions

By leveraging big-data technology, we update company ratings daily, so actionable insights on over 40,000 global stocks are always at your fingertips.

Stock Ideas

Powered by big-data technology, our system pinpoints every day the best investment ideas available globally across a range of categories like ‘Best Growth Stocks,’ ‘Rebound Opportunities,’ ‘New Dividend Candidates,’ ‘Best Stocks on Sale’ and more. It also helps you steer clear of stocks at risk for significant drawdowns such as in our ‘Priced to Perfection,’ ‘Declining Sentiment’ and ‘Declining Fundamentals’ lists.

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Sentiment Score

While company fundamentals are the primary drivers of long-term shareholder returns, short-term stock movements are influenced by investor sentiment, which affects the supply and demand for a stock on a day-to-day basis. Our Sentiment Score, designed to complement our GARP analysis, helps you navigate short term market movements, opportunistically ride market momentum and identify ideal entry and exit points for your long-term holdings.
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We rank daily all companies geographically and by size, sector and industry based on their MarketGrader grades and Sentiment scores. That way, you can compare any stock to its peers across all equity markets globally, by region or country.

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Leveraging our extensive global equity coverage, our standardized grading system across all of the world’s equity markets allows us to analyze all U.S. listed equity ETFs with an unparalleled level of detail and granularity. This allows you to truly understand what you own in your ETFs and to make sure you are getting the best possible exposures based on your preferred asset allocation. And if you are not, our system will suggest higher-quality alternatives to what you own today.
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Earnings Calendar

Follow every earnings season confidently without missing a single company report. Our Earnings Calendar helps you anticipate and track all earnings reports and measure the impact to your portfolio or the stocks you are following.
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Buyback & Dilution Analysis

Measure the impact of every company’s buyback or dilution policies on their bottom line, which ultimately affects the value of the shares you own. Companies actively buying back stock are usually able to boost earnings per share artificially, while companies issuing new shares could rapidly dilute your interests in the company. Find out how the companies in your portfolio might be affected by these policies.
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Upload an unlimited number of equity portfolios to rapidly view their breakdown by Fundamentals, Sentiment, Size, Style, Domicile or Exchange.

Set alerts across entire watchlists to track price changes, earnings reports, ratings changes, and sentiment changes.

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Advanced Search

Combine any of our proprietary data items such as ratings, grades, or sentiment with your own filters such as company fundamentals, geographical exposures, company size, liquidity, sector, or industry to find the exact exposures you seek. Our Advanced Search simplifies your screening process, saves data-crunching time and allows you to filter your list of potential investments down to only the best.

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PDF Reports

Sharing company ratings and stock ideas with your clients and colleagues is fast and simple when you download a PDF report for any of the stocks we cover. The succinct and easy-to-read report makes it easy to spot a company’s strengths and weaknesses and to identify key areas for further research where a deeper dive is needed.

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How does MarketGrader perform its analysis?
Our platform combines quantitative and fundamental research to help you identify the best creators of long-term shareholder value. Our system compiles company data from reported financial statements, share prices and earnings estimates and analyzes each stock based on our proprietary growth-at-a-reasonable-price (GARP) + quality methodology. Finally, our analysis is presented in 24 fundamental indicators across Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow, which are summed up in an overall score and a buy, hold or sell rating for every stock that we cover.


What’s different about your investing ideas?
We leverage our extensive database with millions of data points and over two decades of history to help you find truly unique investment ideas, not often found elsewhere. We run our sophisticated screens daily to help you find fresh long and short ideas from across all equity markets globally. Our interface makes it easy to narrow down idea lists by type and by region. Find unique opportunities across ideas like ‘Priced to Perfection’, ‘Speculative Plays’, ‘Rebound Opportunities’, ‘Best Stocks on Sale,’ ‘Growth Compounders,’ or ‘New Dividend Candidates’.


What’s the benefit of creating a watchlist?
By setting up your own customized watchlists, you can upload an unlimited number of equity portfolios to rapidly view their breakdown by Fundamentals, Sentiment, Size, Style, Domicile or

Exchange. Then, you’re able to set alerts across entire watchlists to track price changes, earnings reports, ratings changes and sentiment changes.


Tell me about your indexes.
Over 50 global smart beta indexes give you a unique alternative to traditional market capitalization weighted benchmarks. All constituents are selected on the basis of our fundamental company ratings, providing investors exposure to the best companies across countries, regions, sectors and market segments globally.

47 of our 52 indexes have beaten their benchmark annually, for a 90.4% batting average. They’ve outperformed their benchmarks by 4.42 percentage points per year on average for at least ten years.

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