A World of Diversification and Opportunity

We’ve created a new playbook for investment managers and investors from every corner of the world.

Same Rigorous Methodology, Expanded Global Vision

We designed MarketGrader’s Global Research platform to provide a true basis of comparison no matter where a company resides. This helps you uncover opportunities across all international exchanges instead of limiting your choices to your home market. And if you access international markets through ETFs, with MarketGrader, you’ll finally be able to look beyond the funds’ sales and marketing pitch and instead understand what you really own.

Why Invest Internationally?

The answer is simply: opportunity and diversification.


When you harness the high levels of economic growth available in many foreign economies you greatly increase your chances of earning above-average returns. But doing it right is no walk in the park. Assessing and differentiating the expanding number of opportunities available across international markets requires a lot of information, hours of analysis and a clear global perspective. MarketGrader’s global research platform follows a methodology that interprets such information in a way that’s actionable and easy to understand, helping you access the opportunities available in the world’s fastest growing markets.


Distributing risk across diverse international markets, with varying sources of risk and return, helps ensure that your full portfolio won’t gain and lose value at the same time. International markets don’t always move in sync, so investing on a global scale can help offset the effect of a downturn in your home market. And by identifying some of the world’s best compounders of growth regardless of domicile or listing venue, you will be able to diversify your sources of return.

How We Level the International Playing Field

With advances in financial reporting and data collection and with the gradual convergence of global accounting standards, we can pair big-data technology with analytical rigor to apply the same methodology when analyzing a stock regardless of where it is listed. So, whether a stock trades in Sao Paulo, Bombay, London, Warsaw, New York or Shenzhen, our methodology allows you to compare companies with confidence and to monitor a truly global portfolio in a single place.

Our Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) methodology accounts for underlying differences in company reports, company size and business models to help you understand a company’s true underlying financial health. Our standardized rating system allows you to determine how a company compares to its peers across industries and sectors globally and to find actionable ideas across all global markets.

level investing playingfield

Know When Your Global Stocks are Scheduled to Report Earnings

Staying abreast of earnings season is always challenging for domestic investors but it is particularly so across international markets. With our simple-to-use Earnings Calendar, you can easily prepare for any of your companies’ earnings announcements, track revisions in earnings estimates, schedule reporting alerts and measure the impact of every company’s report on the price of their stock and on our rating. It will also help you identify the companies that are consistently reporting above consensus as sources of new opportunities.

earnings calendar
Carlos Diez MarketGrader


How We Designed MarketGrader to Change the Way You Invest

“We founded MarketGrader on the belief that consistent creators of economic value, regardless of size and domicile, are the best long-term creators of shareholder value.

Our trusted, objective, big-data powered research methodology is designed to show you quickly and easily—based on that criteria—which investments provide the best money-making opportunities. Period.”


Founder and CEO of MarketGrader


How does MarketGrader perform its analysis?
Our platform combines quantitative and fundamental research to help you identify the best creators of long-term shareholder value. Our system compiles company data from reported financial statements, share prices and earnings estimates and analyzes each stock based on our proprietary growth-at-a-reasonable-price (GARP) + quality methodology. Finally, our analysis is presented in 24 fundamental indicators across Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow, which are summed up in an overall score and a buy, hold or sell rating for every stock that we cover.


What’s different about your investing ideas?
We leverage our extensive database with millions of data points and over two decades of history to help you find truly unique investment ideas, not often found elsewhere. We run our sophisticated screens daily to help you find fresh long and short ideas from across all equity markets globally. Our interface makes it easy to narrow down idea lists by type and by region. Find unique opportunities across ideas like ‘Priced to Perfection’, ‘Speculative Plays’, ‘Rebound Opportunities’, ‘Best Stocks on Sale,’ ‘Growth Compounders,’ or ‘New Dividend Candidates’.


What’s the benefit of creating a watchlist?
By setting up your own customized watchlists, you can upload an unlimited number of equity portfolios to rapidly view their breakdown by Fundamentals, Sentiment, Size, Style, Domicile or

Exchange. Then, you’re able to set alerts across entire watchlists to track price changes, earnings reports, ratings changes and sentiment changes.


Tell me about your indexes.
Over 50 global smart beta indexes give you a unique alternative to traditional market capitalization weighted benchmarks. All constituents are selected on the basis of our fundamental company ratings, providing investors exposure to the best companies across countries, regions, sectors and market segments globally.

47 of our 52 indexes have beaten their benchmark annually, for a 90.4% batting average. They’ve outperformed their benchmarks by 4.42 percentage points per year on average for at least ten years.

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