MarketGrader Smart Beta Indexes

Our lineup of global equity indexes helps investors profit by owning the best compounders of growth in the world.

As investors migrate from active to passive investing, and from traditional indexes to smart beta, they need a methodology to guide them. MarketGrader provides it, through our lineup of smart beta indexes designed to help investors capture the long-term shareholder returns of the most successful and consistent growth companies in the world.

We offer more than 50 indexes across U.S., developed and emerging markets, and across a range of investing styles, sectors and thematics.

Smart beta indexes, a category MarketGrader helped pioneer in the early 2000s, mitigate risks inherent in traditional indexes by selecting stocks based on measures other than size, such as company fundamentals. MarketGrader's daily analysis of 40,000+ public companies allows us to build any type of exposure, for any type of investor, anywhere in the world.

MarketGrader's quantitative analysis engine grades all public companies in the world to help investors find the best creators of long-term shareholder value, regardless of size, sector, business model, or location. We have a 20-year track record of superior-risk adjusted returns across global markets to prove it. Learn more about our methodology and how it helps investors achieve superior returns.

Our smart beta indexes are built based on three core beliefs:
  1. Among all investable asset classes, growth stocks represent by far the single largest source of capital appreciation and wealth accumulation.
  2. Among all stocks, the most consistent creators of economic value have historically been the best sources of wealth creation in the form of shareholder value; we call these "growth compounders."
  3. While stock markets globally offer significant capital appreciation opportunities, the tools needed across developed and emerging economies and among individual countries vary significantly.

We start our index construction process by taking a broad look at any particular market, country or region in order to identify its investable universe. This requires a close look at each market's liquidity, size breakdown and local restrictions on the ownership of shares by foreign investors.

Based on each market's unique characteristics, we then define each index's methodology in order to arrive at an optimal exposure. This includes constituent count, liquidity and size restrictions, caps on sector exposures, weighting scheme, rebalance schedule and any market-specific rules that ensure the resulting index is fully investable, replicable, transparent and efficient.

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