MarketGrader Developed Markets (ex-Australia) Health Care Index


The MarketGrader Developed Markets (ex-Australia) Health Care Index consists of 50 of the most fundamentally sound companies in the Health Care sector that are domiciled in any Developed Market globally except for Australia. Constituents are selected based on MarketGrader’s Score, which rewards companies with strong growth characteristics and sound fundamental indicators of quality, without overpaying for their shares. The Index’s objective is to give investors access to the best compounders of growth in one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing sectors, which we believe stands to benefit significantly from the growth of emerging economies as well as rapidly ageing populations all around the world.

Base Date

December 31, 2007

Publication Date

August 6, 2020

No. of Constituents


Minimum Market Cap

USD 500 million

Minimum Liquidity

3-Month Average Daily Trading Volume of USD 2 million


The Index is equally weighted

Geographic Exposure

Developed Markets, excluding Australia

Underlying Universe

All companies in the Health Care sector that are domiciled and listed in any Developed Market, excluding Australia. All companies must have a minimum market capitalization of USD 500 million and a minimum three-month average daily trading volume of USD 2 million.

Ticker Symbols

MGHCAUPR — Price Return (AUD)
MGHCAUTR — Total Return (AUD)
MGHCAUNR — Net Total Return (AUD)

MGHCUSPR — Price Return (USD)
MGHCUSTR — Total Return (USD)
MGHCUSNR — Net Total Return (USD)


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