Superior Capital Appreciation

Since 2003, MarketGrader Indexes have provided a smarter alternative to traditional market capitalization-weighted indexes. Instead of looking at size first, we focus on selecting the most fundamentally sound companies based on our proprietary Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) & Quality scoring methodology. The result has been consistently superior shareholder returns in the long run.

Our Index series includes single country, regional and global indexes across developed and emerging markets, as well as size, sector and income indexes in select countries such as the United States and China.

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Features of the
MarketGrader Indexes

While all our Indexes are unique in their construction methodology, they share several common traits. The main one is our focus on selecting the best companies in each market as we believe these are the best creators of long-term shareholder value. Some key attributes of our indexes are:

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Stock Selection
Our proprietary fundamental analysis is designed to identify the best companies according to GARP.
Index Equal weighting icon
Equal Weighting
Equally weighting all constituents ensures each company has an equal opportunity to contribute to the performance of the index.
Index Semi-annual rebalancing icon
Regular rebalancing of our indexes ensures we take profits as stocks appreciate in value while maintaining only the most fundamentally sound companies in each index.

Transparent icon
Our indexes' methodologies, constituents and underlying fundamental scores are updated and published daily by MarketGrader.
Replicable Index icon
Our methodology ensures all of our indexes are investable and fully replicable as the basis of investment funds or other products.
Liquidity icon
We maintain strict liquidity requirements across all indexes in all geographies to ensure minimize tracking error and ensure investor accessibility.

Sector diversification icon
Sector Diversification
We ensure our core, broad indexes are limited in their exposure to a single sector or industry in order to mitigate concentration risk.
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Size Diversification
We make sure our core, broad indexes aren't overly exposed to a single size segment of the market in order to avoid overconcentration and limit volatility.

Performance of
Our Indexes

Our broadest U.S. Index, the Barron's 400 (B400), was created in partnership with Barron's, America's premier financial magazine, and launched in 2007. The Index, whose constituents are selected according to MarketGrader's GARP & Quality scoring methodology, was designed to serve as a benchmark of long-term capital appreciation in U.S. equities. For complete performance on our Global Index Series, please click below.

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