MarketGrader China All-Cap Growth Leaders Index


The MarketGrader China All-Cap Growth Leaders Index consists of the 200 most fundamentally sound companies with the best prospects in China, regardless of where their shares are listed. Constituents are selected based on MarketGrader’s Score, which rewards companies with strong growth characteristics and sound fundamental indicators of quality, without overpaying for their shares. The Index’s objective is to give investors access to the best compounders of growth in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Base Date

December 31, 2007

Publication Date

February 21, 2020

Minimum Market Cap

USD $200 million

Minimum Liquidity

3-Month Average Daily Trading Volume of USD $2 million and 12-Month Aggregate Trading Volume of USD $50 Million


The Index is free-float market cap weighted, with the total weight of any single constituent capped at 5% of the entire Index.

Sector Limit

20% of Constituents (40 companies)

Geographic Exposure

Mainland China

Underlying Universe

All companies domiciled in China that have received a MarketGrader Score consistently for at least six months, whose shares are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange.

Ticker Symbols

MGCNGROW — Price Return
MGCNGRNR — Net Total Return
MGCNGRTR — Gross Total Return


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