MarketGrader U.S. Growth Compounders Index


The objective of the MarketGrader Growth Compounders Index is to select and hold the companies that have attained the best MarketGrader scores over time, compounding shareholder growth over years.

These companies capture the best attributes of MarketGrader's GARP methodology based on our 24-indicator analysis across Growth, Value, Profitability, and Cash Flow.

The MarketGrader Growth Compounders Index holds a steady and relatively small number of companies, is reviewed annually, and turns over its constituents infrequently. Since its constituents are selected based on the consistency of their GARP scores, the Index is truly differentiated from the benchmark.

Base Date

March 1, 2012

Minimum Market Cap

USD $1 billion

Minimum Liquidity

3-Month Average Daily Trading Volume of USD $2 million

Constituent Count

Variable; however, the methodology targets a count of 60 companies.

Selection Criteria

Constituents are selected based on the MarketGrader's 'historical ratings ratio,' which measures the number of days every company under coverage has received a positive rating vs. a negative rating. Only companies with the highest ratios and highest current MarketGrader grades are selected to Growth Compounders.


The Index was equally weighted at its inception in March 2012 but individual constituent weights are not capped for consistent index constituents, allowing long-term holdings to compound growth over long periods of time.

Geographic Exposure

Domicile: Developed Markets
Exchanges: United States

Rebalance Frequency

The Index is rebalanced annually on the third week of March.

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