CSI MarketGrader Shanghai - Hong Kong - Shenzhen 120 Index


The CSI MarketGrader SH-HK-SZ 120 Index consists of the 120 most fundamentally sound companies across all sectors, domiciled in Mainland China or Hong Kong and traded publicly in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges (A-Shares) or on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Constituents are selected based on MarketGrader’s Score, which rewards companies with strong growth characteristics and sound fundamental indicators of quality, without overpaying for their shares. The Index's objective is to give investors access to the best compounders of growth in one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Base Date

February 14, 2014

Publication Date

May 6, 2020

Minimum Market Cap

RMB 1.4 billion (Shanghai / Shenzhen) HKD 1.5 billion (Hong Kong)

Minimum Liquidity

3-Month Average Daily Trading Volume of RMB 14 million or HKD 15 million


The Index is equally weighted

Geographic Exposure


Underlying Universe

For A-Share stocks: constituents of the CSI All Share Index. For Hong Kong stocks: constituents of the CSI HK Connect Composite Index.

Index Codes

931485 — Price Return RMB
921485 — Total Return RMB
931486 — Price Return HKD
921486 — Total return HKD

Licensing Opportunities

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