Why MarketGrader - A Rigorous, Transparent Methodology that Works Across Borders and Sectors

Since inception, MarketGrader has focused on the importance of investing passively, with a long-term view, by focusing on the quality of a company's fundamentals. These principles have formed the basis of our research ratings and our indexes' stock selections.

Our analytic methodology focuses on understanding a company's financial health and measuring its economic success regardless of its business model, industry, sector or size. We then interpret this analysis and present it in a way that is easily understood - doing this for all 35,000 international companies that we cover. This means providing a clear explanation for all of our indicators and how we arrive at the grades we assign to each of them - with disclosure of all the numbers used in their calculations.

This disclosure extends to our indexes; we describe the way a company is selected for any of our indexes. Each constituent member of every index is displayed permanently on our web site accompanied by its rating which is updated daily. And we believe it essential that our clients can determine for themselves how we go about issuing our ratings and building our indexes.

Analyzing global financial markets is becoming increasingly difficult and technology can often become an inhibitor. With today's market noise, proliferation of data, the increasing size and scope of the market, and the ongoing business and earnings reporting cycle fueling short-term thinking, it is nearly impossible to stay abreast of what is happening in each and every company.

To address these many distractions, MarketGrader has developed a global ratings system employing our proven methodology. These ratings are more than signposts in an uncharted world. They provide essential readings on just how financially sound a company is and how likely it is to be profitable in the future, regardless of its location.