Independent Equity Research and Smarter Indexes for Market Participants - Globally

MarketGrader was established in 1999 to offer truly comprehensive and independent analysis of companies' financial statements by leveraging the power of technology. We sought to revolutionize a research landscape that was stagnant and conflict ridden by providing fundamental analysis using a rigorous yet transparent methodology that could be easily understood and serve as the basis for making informed investment decisions.

From the start, we invested heavily in developing software that could objectively measure the financial performance of any publicly traded company and the likelihood that owning its stock would be profitable for its shareholders. The automated and scalable nature of our software and the quality of our fundamental data sources made it possible to analyze a broad spectrum of companies irrespective of their location, size or business model in a manner that was efficient and economical. For the sake of clarity and comparison, we developed a numerical grading scale from zero to 100 to rate each company from the perspective of Growth, Value, Profitability, and Cash Flow.

To demonstrate the efficacy of MarketGrader's methodology, we developed and published stock indexes based on our ratings and belief that quality and growth provide a better alternative to traditional indexes' emphasis on size alone. Several MarketGrader Indexes have been calculated and published for years by third-party calculation agents, such as NYSE. All fourteen of our U.S. Indexes have track records in excess of ten years, and all of the Indexes have proven their value, outperforming traditional market-cap weighted indexes over time.

Between 2005 and 2008, more than 20 investment products were launched in the U.S. and Europe that tracked MarketGrader Indexes, including ETFs listed in New York, London and Milan. In 2006, MarketGrader teamed with Barron's to create the Barron's 400 Index, a collection of "America's Most Promising Companies." An ETF that tracks the Index (NYSE Arca: BFOR) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, becoming one of the top ten ETF launches of the year based on assets under management1. In 2012, MarketGrader Capital was formed to focus on the development of investment products to track our newly created International and Global Index series. Please visit our Index page to learn more about our family of country-specific, regional, developed and emerging market indexes.

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  • VanEck launches ETF tracking the CSI MarketGrader China New Economy Index in Australia

  • MarketGrader partners with China Securities Index Co. (CSI) to launch CSI MG indexes in China

  • 10th Anniversary of Barron's 400 index powered by MarketGrader

  • Kaizen Advisory launches MarketGrader 100 Enhanced Index Fund

  • ETF tracking Barron's 400 introduced on NYSE Arca

  • MarketGrader partners with Bloomberg to develop financial apps for Bloomberg Terminal

  • MarketGrader Capital founded

  • ETFs tracking the MG 40, MG 100, MG 200 and 3 MG Market Cap Indexes are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange by SPA ETF

  • ETFs tracking the MG 40, MG 100, MG 200 and 3 MG Market Cap Indexes are listed on the American Stock Exchange

  • Barron's 400 Index, powered by MarketGrader, introduced on the cover of Barron's magazine

  • ETFs tracking MG 40, MG 100, MG 200 and 3 MG Market Cap Indexes are listed on the London Stock Exchange

  • First product tracking a MarketGrader index (MG 40) is launched by Barclays Capital on the Dublin Stock Exchange

  • MarketGrader is selected as independent research provider to UBS, Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers under the Global Analyst Research Settlement

  • MarketGrader launches its first research product and introduces its first index, the MarketGrader 40

  • founded

  1. Morgan Stanley, Exchange-Traded Funds US ETF Weekly Update, May 12, 2014.