What We Do

MarketGrader provides global equity research based on company fundamentals to professional and institutional investors. We provide the following types of services:

Global Research

We provide single-license, online subscriptions to financial professionals globally. Our subscription service is available in two geographic categories: North American equities (Canada, United States) and Global equities (93 countries, including the North American region). Subscriptions are monthly or annual. Our clients are investment managers, analysts, chief investment officers, equity strategists, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers and financial advisers. Please click here if you wish to request a trial.

Global Equity Research

Bespoke Institutional Stock Research

Bespoke Institutional Research

We provide bespoke institutional research services that include our global equity ratings, our individual equity research reports, and our index and benchmarking services. We work with our clients to build the solution that best fits their needs, audience and number of users.

Index Licensing

We license our indexes as the basis of investment products such as Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Separately Managed Accounts or Structured Products.

Index Licensing

Custom Stock Indexes

Custom Indexes

We build custom indexes for institutions that seek to leverage our global ratings and our breadth of coverage in combination with particular geographic or market segment exposures.

Investment Management by MarketGrader Capital

Our sister company, MarketGrader Capital, a Registered Investment Adviser, works directly with institutional investors to help them leverage MarketGrader's research, ratings, indexes and overall intellectual property in the construction and management of equity funds or separate accounts. If you're interested in learning more about MarketGrader Capital please click here to visit their web site and to contact them directly.

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Please contact us for more information about any of our services.