MarketGrader provides independent fundamental research on global public equities to professional investors including analysts, portfolio managers and investment advisors. Our platform gives clients an objective, unbiased perspective on over 35,000 stocks across the world's markets. Believing static research is a thing of the past, we leverage big data technology to update company ratings daily, affording clients timely actionable insights. Based on the rigorous analysis of companies' financial statements, MarketGrader Research enables clients to identify the companies that consistently create shareholder value and have a high likelihood of delivering long-term capital gains.

Global Coverage

MarketGrader covers more than 35,000 companies representing over $65 trillion in aggregate market capitalization across 100 markets in 93 countries1.

Fundamental Metrics

Our system uses a proprietary blend of 24 fundamental indicators across our four core analytical categories: Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow. Clients may leverage our fundamental indicators and combine them with their preferred fundamental metrics to build their own lists of stocks to track.

Grading System

All companies receive daily an overall grade between 0-100 and a clear Buy, Hold or Sell rating. Historically only an average of 15% of all companies under coverage have been rated 'Buy'.


Companies are ranked geographically and by size, sector and industry based on their MarketGrader grades. Compare a stock to its peer globally, by region or country.

Investing Ideas

Our Idea Center lists MarketGrader's best long and short ideas across fundamentals, income, sentiment, sector, capitalization, geography and market type. Capitalize on a range of opportunities.

Advanced Search

MarketGrader's powerful Advanced Search functionality allows clients to combine fundamental or market metrics with company grades and geographic, sector and industry classifications to discover unique opportunities. Save an unlimited number or search criteria or search results to monitor new investment opportunities.

Economic Statistics

Economic data for all countries, including GDP, debt levels, unemployment, inflation and savings rates. Understand the markets you invest in.

Dynamic Stock Research

Dynamic Research

Data feeding Company Grades, Buy/Hold/Sell Ratings, Rankings and Idea Center lists is all updated daily. Leave static sell-side research reports behind to see the world dynamically with MarketGrader Research.

  1. Source: World Federation of Exchanges, June 2016.