MarketGrader’s Smart Beta Approach to U.S. Equities: Growth, Value & Income

MarketGrader’s smart beta approach to portfolio construction leverages two of our core U.S. Indexes, MarketGrader Growth Compounders (MGGC) and MarketGrader U.S. Income 100 Index (MGUSI).

MGGC provides a differentiated exposure to U.S. equities focused on long-term capital appreciation, having gained 15% annually in the last 10 years while avoiding an excessive concentration in large cap growth stocks.

MGUSI provides a differentiated exposure to U.S. equities with sustainable and growing dividend payouts within a GARP framework. It also complements MGGC from a style perspective. The Index has gained 5.4% annually in price appreciation, and 4.9% annually in dividend return in the last 10 years.

Investors may combine MGGC and MGUSI to calibrate their growth, value, and income exposures to U.S. equities, always within the framework of MarketGrader’s rigorous GARP methodology.