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Those of you who subscribe to our web research service may have noticed this morning a few new and expanded sections of the web site. For those who have not seen them we encourage you to have a look and send us your feedback.

The first new page, or, actually, enhanced page, is the ‘Company Profile.’ We redesigned the existing ‘Profile’ page, reorganized some of its existing content and incorporated quite a few new elements. The ‘Company Profile’ page, available for every company covered by, can be reached by selecting the first option from the drop-down menu off the ‘Company’ link in the ‘Stock Analysis’ section of ‘StockGrader.’ At the top of the page you will find a complete description of the company’s business describing what it does, its products and, in some cases, some of the market segments in which it competes, among other general facts and company background information. Below it we have added a new information grid with items such as the stock’s 52-week range, the 50 and 200-day moving average values and the number of rating changes since we initiated coverage. To the right of the grid you’ll see the company’s address, web site and key executives.

On the page’s third tier we have added two brand new charts (long overdue, we know) that show the company’s revenue and net income per employee alongside the top five companies in the industry and the group’s average. This will provide you with additional context about each company’s operating efficiency and profitability in addition to our wealth of indicators, metrics and analyses available throughout our site. To the right of these two charts you may see the largest and smallest company in the industry as well as the group’s overall rating breakdown.

Finally, at the bottom of the page you will find an enhanced and expanded ‘Industry Ranking’ table that shows the top ten graded companies in the group along with a few other indicators and fundamental metrics such as revenue, net income, free cash flow and price to earnings ratio.

We hope our new ‘Company Profile’ page becomes a good starting point in your research process when evaluating new investment candidates. We’ll discuss our new ‘Stock Ideas’ pages, also launched this morning, in upcoming posts.

Intel Corp INTC Profile

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