The MarketGrader Team

We’re a small but sharp team of investment professionals with a drive to make transparent, high-quality research available to everyone.

World-Class Data Made Accessible

We’ve united two ends of a wide spectrum: the most thorough, big-data-powered research available and simple to use, easy to share reports.

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Rigorous Methodology

Our GARP formula is designed to find companies with sustainable growth at reasonable valuations across all global markets.

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Time-Tested Investment Philosophy

We believe that consistent creators of economic value, regardless of size and domicile are the best long-term creators of shareholder value.

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A Global Vision

Whether a stock trades in Sao Paulo or Shenzhen, our methodology allows you to compare companies with confidence.

Our Team

Carlos Diez

CEO & Founder

Carlos saw an opportunity in the late 1990s to combine public companies’ financial statements, available to all investors, with a rigorous analysis designed to identify the stocks with the best growth prospects trading at reasonable prices. In 1999, he founded MarketGrader to harness the Internet, still in its early days as a commercial means of information, to distribute the company’s new ratings to a growing base of individual investors and financial advisors. His original vision was to analyze virtually all publicly traded companies in the world to help investors identify the best creators of long-term shareholder value. In 2003, he expanded this vision by creating a family of indexes whose constituents were selected based on the quality of the companies rather than their market capitalization.

Elias Guerrero​

Director of Data & Indexes​

Elias loves to make sense of large, heterogeneous data sets; he has been managing and mastering Big Data long before it was embedded into modern management consulting lexicon. At MarketGrader he distills vast data sets that include stock ratings, company fundamentals, securities prices, and rules-based methodologies into a global family of indexes across developed and emerging markets.


Juan Be

Director of Digital Product

Always looking at the bigger picture and connecting the dots across product, design, and marketing. Juan is a true advocate for the solutions and changes that prioritize and improve the user experience of our products while conquering business milestones.

Sabrina Muller​

Director of Web Development​

Sabrina’s work with MarketGrader.com has resulted in the creation of unique and revolutionary interfaces that translate the company’s powerful research applications into user-friendly web UI’s, benefitting thousands of investors worldwide. Her relationship with the company started in 2000 when she took on the challenging task of developing a web interface for the MarketGrader.com engine, which leveraged the power of the internet to aggregate and analyze vast data sets, and disburse that information to clients in real time. The end result transformed the way equity research was generated and consumed by investors.

Pablo Delgado

Director of Software Engineering

Pablo’s passion for solid engineering practices helps bring together all three core areas of MarketGrader’s approach to investing: analysis, interpretation, and presentation. Since joining MarketGrader, he has been responsible for transforming our approach to programming by architecting software that enables our applications to scale up on demand. Pablo also oversees the daily operations of MarketGrader’s software applications, which require permanent uptime in order to serve our clients across all global time zones.

David Lucterhand​

Senior Advisor and Director for International Development​

With over 40 years of experience in financial services, including memberships of the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board Options Exchange, David brings a unique perspective to MarketGrader. Having advised foreign governments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the development of their capital markets in the 1990s and 2000s, David’s international experience has played an important role in shaping MarketGrader’s own global initiatives.

Brady Lipp​

Head of Institutional Sales​

Brady joined MarketGrader in 2014. He is responsible for the firm’s business development efforts with institutional investors and the insurance segment. Brady has significant experience building institutional sales and marketing departments at leading asset managers. In 1994, Brady joined Warburg Pincus Asset Management to head the group’s nascent Institutional Sales and Marketing group. In his five years serving as Partner and Managing Director, Brady grew the Institutional Sales and Marketing from a staff of 3 to 30 and assets from less than $2 billion to $14 billion, representing half of total firm assets at peak. Upon the sale of Warburg Pincus Asset Management to Credit Suisse in 1999, Brady assumed the title of Managing Director, leading Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Global Post Venture Capital, a new division where he grew assets to $650 million in eighteen months from investors in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Xiaolian Wang

Director of Business Development, China​

Xiao joined MarketGrader in 2015 as Managing Director. She is responsible for research and product development, and leads the company’s business development efforts in China. Having held executive level positions in portfolio management, asset allocation, product development, macro and top-down research, hedge fund analysis and institutional business development, particularly in China, Xiao brings a dynamic skillset to the firm.

Francis Gupta

Director of Thought Leadership and IP Development​

Francis Gupta joined MarketGrader in 2015. In his role as Senior Advisor, Francis leads intellectual property initiatives, identifies applications of MarketGrader’s company fundamentals-based Global Research for the benefit of the investment community and assists with development and commercialization of new MarketGrader Indexes.

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