Welcome to the New MarketGrader (part 1)

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After two long years of development we’re very proud to unveil our brand new web site as well as our new blog, with this being its very first entry. This particular column will inform you of the web site’s biggest changes compared to our prior web site, its biggest enhancements and will introduce you to some of its new features and tools. In coming days and weeks we’ll continue to post columns with more in-dept descriptions of the site’s different sections. But before we continue with its introduction it is important we let our existing subscribers know that the “old” MarketGrader.com will continue to run and be updated daily for at least a few months until you’ve had a chance to get acclimated to the new site. You may always access the “old” site from the link that appears at the top of the “new” site in the black background, or by clicking here.

Rather than a redesign of our web site’s interface, the new MarketGrader.com represents a complete overhaul of how we present our research to our clients and, we hope, of how they interact with it and incorporate it into their own investment process. The following are the new web site’s biggest and most important changes and highlights:

  1. Fundamental Analysis

Before getting into what has changed in MarketGrader.com, it’s important that we explain what hasn’t changed. Our fundamental analysis, which lies at the core of MarketGrader’s research, hasn’t changed. Our methodology and our grading system haven’t changed. Our fundamental analysis is still based on 24 individually graded indicators, grouped into four categories: Growth, Value, Profitability and Cash Flow. Our overall grade, which aggregates these 24 indicators into a final numerical grade between zero and 100, still determines our MarketGrader rating (Buy, Hold or Sell.) However, in addition to our traditional fundamental analysis report presentation, we have added three new ‘views’ that we hope will help you take better advantage of our analysis in your investment process. These new views together with the new version of our ‘classic’ report allow you to, on the one hand, drill down to the core of a company’s financial reports and understand what they mean to its shareholders and, on the other hand, put the analysis in the context of the company’s industry, its sector and its historical financial reports. The new MarketGrader.com now offers the following four fundamental analysis views:

Classic View

This is where you’ll land most of the time when you click on a ticker symbol or company name from anywhere on the site. It is our traditional fundamental analysis report, broken down into our four usual categories of indicators, each with a concise narrative that explains each category’s strengths and weaknesses. The narrative has been enhanced significantly and is now much richer, nuanced and varied than the text that appeared on our previous web site. Please click here for a sample report.

Snapshots View

This page shows you the impact each of the company’s last four quarterly earnings reports had on our fundamental analysis, our 24 indicator grades and our overall rating of the stock. In it you’ll see four ‘snapshots’ of our analysis taken immediately following each earnings report. Each snapshot highlights with green or red boxes the individual and composite grades that improved or deteriorated following the report. The purpose of this page is to help you identify fundamental trends before an actual upgrade or downgrade takes place, putting you ahead of the curve, as well as to give you a quick, easy to understand way of tracking companies’ earnings announcements without having to spend hours reading the individual companies’ reports or deciphering their financial statements. Please click here for an example of the page.

Side x Side View

This page allows you to quickly analyze three different stocks from top to bottom, without leaving the page or having to print their individual reports. Broken down into three columns, each showing a summarized version of a company’s analysis, the page allows you to compare the companies’ ratings, basic shareholder information, top down analysis (more on this later), fundamental grades, charts and some their most important financials. Please click here for an example of the page.

Quadrant View

This unique page builds upon our Fundamental Quadrant, previously available only on our PDF reports, which helps you identify a company’s areas of strength and weakness at a glance without having to spend too much time reading the report. The Quadrant depicts graphically our 24 individual indicators, each representing a ‘slice’ of the overall pie. The better the grade for each indicator, the more color each of the quadrants will have, creating a fill-in effect, different for every company covered by MarketGrader. You may click on any of the four quadrants on the chart in order to expand it and see the numbers behind the category’s grades as well as a few fundamental charts and our narrative text. Continue to click on the other quadrants in order to see their numbers, charts and text. Please click here for an example of the page.

More about the new web site in part 2 of our introduction.

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