Our Take on Earnings Season

Since much is written every quarter about earnings season—and given that we track earnings reports for thousands of companies on an ongoing basis—we figured we’d

Barron’s 400 Performance in Q1

The Barron’s 400 index had another strong showing in the first quarter with a gain of 6.17%, beating the 4.11% gain posted by the DJIA,

MG Sector Indexes’ Performance Q1 2010

Among our eight sector indexes, the best performance last quarter was turned in by the MG Consumer Discretionary index, which was up 16.38% in the

Barron’s 400 Index Rebalance

The Barron’s 400 index is being rebalanced prior to Monday’s open (3/22/10) and now you can see the complete stock selection list on our new

MarketGrader Indexes 2009 Report Card

After a bruising 2008 the MarketGrader Indexes returned to form in 2009, posting all-around strong results relative to their benchmarks and to actively managed fund


china the next chapter

China: The Next Chapter

Simplistic arguments about China’s investment prospects suggest that since the country’s economy is no

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